Unlock Device unlocks automatically your smartphone or tablet when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network choosen by you.

Make your smartphone or tablet smarter with Unlock Device!

Why would you, time after time, unlock your smartphone or tablet if you can unlock it also safe, simple and automatically? Unlock Device is a handy app that lets you easily choose WiFi networks to which your smartphone or tablet is automatically unlocked. Setup once, forever linked. So smart!

In the app you can easily select the desired Wi-Fi networks. Which will automatically unlock your smartphone or tablet if you are connected to one of the by you selected WiFi networks.

Password and notifications

In the settings of the app you choose the password you wish to use when your device is locked. You can also specify whether you want a sound or vibration when Unlock Device automatically unlocks your smartphone or tablet. You can always, at any time, change the settings of the app.

Because Unlock Device has only two screens, the app is simple to use by anyone!

Also works on tablets

More information

Unlock Device is an app that automatically unlocks your smartphone or tablet once they are within a Wi-Fi network chosen by you. You have to fill in a password that you have to use when you leave the Wi-Fi network. The smartphone or tablet will then automatically lock, and will ask for the chosen password.

Currently it is not possible, for technical reasons, to unlock smartphone or tablet by using a swipe movement instead of a password.

Positive feedback will be greatly appreciate, but if you are not satisfied with the operation of Unlock Device, we would also like to know this so that we can improve the app on the relevant points. Any Feedback can be easily given by using the feedback button included in the app or by filling out the form down below.

In short: Are you happy? Tell the others. If you are not satisfied? Tell it us.

Use outside known WiFi networks

Installation and use within known Wi-Fi networks